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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 the new black!!

      Its ultra trendy right now to be animated in both personality and personal style. Color is an amazing gift and those of us able to see it and live in it are extremely fortunate.  Living in color allows you to express your self vividly and precisely. Big, bright, bold colors, patterns and designs have gained popularity over the last few seasons and while I enjoy the variety, availability and it makes me smile; I still know that nothing is more classic, chic or sophisticated than the perfect black outfit.

  Black is powerful and as artist and performer, Janelle Monae would say "its transcendent".  That means that it defies age, gender, economic and social status.  Everyone gets it and no matter what the occasion, it will always be appropriate.  Whether you need a professional look for a job interview, an overtly sexy outfit for a night out or something more casual for a social event, black is always go-to.

  The new black comes in a variety of fabrics that give life to a color some may have thought was dead.  But, in fact you can be just as creative with black as you can with any other color, if not more.  There is a depth and versatility to black unlike any other color on the spectrum and it can speak volumes when worn effectively!

Here are some power packed pieces that I love:

Sequin mini; Express

Mongolian faux fur; Bebe

Painted silk tulip dress; Kardashians for Bebe

Alice & Olivia "Stacey" metallic pant
Ruffle sheer dress; Urban Outfitters

Akiko draped lace inset top
DKNY feather trim dress

Sequin long sleeved dress; French Connection

 Dont you wish you had them all?!?! I DO!!


  1. Sometimes, I feel as if I have too much black in my wardrobe. It's like, I am drawn to black shoes, pants, tops, accessories, suits, and handbags...I try so much to venture into other colors because I love the color chart, but black is sleek, chic, sophisticated, mysterious, daring, powerful and at times intimidating. I think we can do so much with it that's why I can't seem to leave it alone..."once you go black never go! Great Post!

  2. I also love black for all the great reasons you gave! Color is great and you should experiment with it and add some into your wardrobe but as I tried to show in the post, there are lots of options with aint so basic ne more, lol