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Thursday, November 11, 2010

EXPRESS!!! Your essence...

  I've always been a lover of fashion and an icon in my own right, even if only in my own head.  When I was a child my family pegged me as the weirdo because I didnt follow the "rules".  I wore what I wanted the way I wanted based on my natural creativity and how it made me feel.  I mixed colors, patterns and fabrics with no regard.  Often times, some of my friends and family would ask, "what are you wearing" with puzzled looks on their faces.  I really had no answer for them.  You cant adequately explain an emotion to a person who has never felt it.  So I would look back at them, just as puzzled.  Most times they'd just shake their heads and we'd move on to something else.

  I never wanted to look like everyone else.  I never wanted to be anyone other than myself.  Even when I was told that I should be more like the other girls, which translated to mean dressing more like them.  It was fine for me to just be and so I did.  Of course I went through the phases of life that cause you to question yourself like everyone else.  Fortunately for me, I had the encouragement to face myself head on and found the strength to be courageous enough to continue to do and be what was right for me. 

  When I was in high school, my style was a lot more mature than my pockets and so I found ways to improvise.  Mainly, sneaking in my moms closet and wearing some of her things, lol.  I'd mix and match my own pieces with the things I really loved of hers.  At first she would be suspicious but could never really prove anything so she had no choice but to let it go.  After enough practice I was a pro and she stopped even noticing.  I was wearing designers that my friends had never heard of or even seen in stores: Salvatore Ferragamo, Tahari, Gucci, Adrienne Vittadini, Stuart Weisman, Donna Karan, etc.

  But as much as it felt good to wear the luxurious brands, it wasnt about that. It was more about having an abundance to choose from and being able to create a unique look everyday.  I loved getting ready in the morning and relished in it.  Im sure thats why I missed first period every day for an entire semester, smh!  It was about self expression, being an artist and painting the picture from my perspective.  Its what I loved about fashion then and what still makes me love it and fall in love with it over and over now.

   Fashion is art.  Designers give their point of view in making their clothes, models invoke theirs in wearing, stylists invoke theirs in putting looks together.  When you choose to buy, when you choose to wear pieces, you're doing the same thing.  Five women can wear the same dress five different ways...and that's how it should be.  We shouldn't all walk around in the same exact looks like robots.  Don't be afraid to express your self in style in the way you see and feel fit.  You're clothes should be an extension of who you are, they shouldn't make you someone else.  Be fearless and confident.  Be you!


  1. GREAT POST! All about embracing Self expression; The true definition or all forms of ART! lmbo @ sneaking in A.J's Closet...hahahahah!

  2. girl i was fly bcuz of mommy's closet!!! I cant get with wanting to be someone else...its hard enough just being who u really are, y complicate things??