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Saturday, October 30, 2010

 Its almost halloween, time for tricking, treating, and stuffing your face with tons of sugar!  Its not my favorite holiday but I do indulge in the perks.  I definitely use it as an excuse to go off my life-long, never ending diet for a couple days and I love to see the kids out and about in their costumes, having a ball.  The adult costumes are also great and I get a kick out of them but I'm not a "go all out" costume wearer myself unless theres a party to go to.  So for those of you like me who want to celebrate but still look cute and chic, there are options.  You can add some halloween spice to any look with...what else but the PERFECT accessory. 

Sprinkle some fairy dust:
~ wings are the ultimate feminine costume accessory.  They come in assorted sizes and fabrics to choose from.  If you're a girly girl, give them a try.

Do be catty:
~ a cats tail or any tail for that matter is perfect for a touch of halloween sexy.  It has the same effect as a backless dress; from the front all class but from the back, ooh lala!

Face of an angel:
~ halo's are perfect for all the good girls or good girls gone bad looking to reminisce.  Who wouldn't want to be an angel for a day?

You little devil:
~ This is the one day when its ok to show your horns.  So all you little devils, go for it!

Fluffed up:
~ bunny ears are furry, fluffy and just super cute.  They can even serve as a head band and keep hair in place, need i say more?

TIP:  you dont want to overpower the simplicity of the costume with your outfit, so keep it simple.  Let the accessories speak for themselves and have the spotlight this time.  Dark denim will work for all looks.  Go lighter on top for those soft, feminine or girly costumes (think flowy, ruffle) and deep for the naughty looks (black or red is perfect)!

Happy Halloween and remember...FASHION FIRST!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The uniform dilemma

 Almost everyone loves a man in uniform.  Women go crazy over policemen, fire fighters, doctors & my personal favorite, mailmen!  Theres Just something sexy & alluring about them.  They exude strength, confidence & most importantly; you know he has a job!!  Most times with good benefits, ha!

 But what about women in uniform? Do they have the same appeal?  According to men I spoke with, NO!  Most men seem to think uniforms make women look masculine and are a total turn off.  The only uniform that is sexy according to them is a french maid outfit (not sure that counts though).

 But more importantly, are the feelings of the women wearing the uniforms and how they view themselves.  Many say it zaps them of all feelings of sexiness, feminity and confidence in their appearance and Im not ok with that. We should always feel good about ourselves and our appearance.  So, here are some tips for looking and feeling your best even in your uniform:

1. Start with your prep.  Whether you're a bath or shower taker, be sure to endulge your senses with sensual, relaxing, smell good products.  They will remind you of how sensual you are.

2. The most fundamental part of any outfit are the undergarments.  The right fit can change the look of your clothes completely.  So make sure you're wearing the right size!  Also, keep it sexy.  Why reserve those naughty undies for valentines day?  Leave those cotton comfies for "you know when" and add some spark every day.

3. Put on your face.  We know you're working so we dont want you to look like you're "working", lol.  But a little enhancement is good.  Some extra gloss, a new shadow shade, etc.  It gives you that getting ready feeling and adds a little pretty.

4. Choose an extra girly or glitzy nail color.  Pinks, purples, blues, reds and glitters can all make a statement.  Choose your favorite and go for it.  You may even want to change it up every few days for variety.

5. Last but certainly not least, smell sweet!!  Choose a fragrance you love that makes you feel feminine, sexy, confident...and lasts long.  One of my personal favorites - "LOLA" by Marc Jacobs, makes me feel ultra sexy everytime I wear it!!

Ladies, dont let your profession stop you from being who you really are!! - Women in uniform can be beautiful and just as sexy as their male counterparts!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sleepwalkers (pajama party)

Ok so this is serious!!!!!!  It has come to my attention on more than one occasion within the last week that there is a sleepwalking epidemic.  I don't know if anyone else is aware of it besides me but I am putting out the RED alert.

  There is absolutely no reason why any person; child or adult, should wear pajamas outside!  No one wants or needs to see how you look in the bedroom unless they have a place in there with you.  I completely get that they are comfortable, move easily, come in all colors and are already on when you wake BUT they are still UN-acceptable in any environment that you will not be going to sleep in.  And even if you don't agree that its utterly ridiculous then let me tell you that it is sooooo 2005...why not leave it there.  Trust me when I say that it does not look good or make the best impression on anyone you come in contact with.  They will either think that you didnt bathe (and possibly have general bad hygeine) or that you're just nuts.  Not even the king of Pop could pull off this look without the world questioning his sanity!

Instead of leaving home resembling a hobo, how about adding a little boho.  Bohemian is a style of dress that never gets old and is extremely comfortable and wearable.  The beauty of it is that there are no real rules so you can just do what feels right.  Just remember that you must use actual clothing (for the most part).

TIP: to achieve a personal bohemian look: use, mix and match colors, prints, patterns and textures that you love.  Be practical as well.  If its cold out, don't be afraid to put on a wool hat.  It wont matter that you're wearing it with a silk skirt.  Imagine an old world gypsy woman with her head wrap, flowing attire and fearless attitude.

still not sure, here's some inspiration:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple Rain

  I’ve never been a favorite color type of girl.  I like what I like and I know it when I see it.  I let the pieces speak to me when I shop and I go with what not only looks good but feels right; absent of any pre-disposed color requirements.  I may be working with a theme of some sort or have a person and/or place in mind but other than that I allow the canvas to paint itself.  Everything has a vibration, even clothing and if you tune in you can feel it.

            Fortunately, for you (the reader of this blog) there have been some recent developments that have affected my color feelings a bit.  On August 8th, 2010, I was married to the man of my ultimate reality (because life is better than any dream) in a beautiful purple and gold wedding ceremony.  That color combo may or may not make you jump for joy but let me assure you that it was gorgeous.  The girls wore soft, flowing knee length dresses in romantic lavender, sexy muted gold sandals and carried bouquets of mixed purples, lavenders and gold.  The groomsmen accented their traditional black tuxes with eggplant colored ties, handkerchiefs and cufflinks for contrast.  The flower girl / junior bridesmaid wore a youthful, vibrant variation which blended perfectly with the rest of the palette.  The final outcome was amazing.  It was romantic, royal and nostalgic all in one.  (see photo below)

The process of getting there however, not nearly as blissful.  It took me way too long to choose colors to begin with and even after I did I went through color remorse.  I wasn’t totally sure purple was the right fit for me but time was ticking and I had to stick with it.  As I explored the plethora of purple options I began to fall under its spell.  The beauty was intoxicating and the passion it contained was undeniable.  I saw a side of purple that I’d never noticed before.  It was mature, complex and even sexy; a far cry from the visions of Barney that previously danced in my head whenever I heard the name.  Purple had definitely grown up and I had developed a color crush!

            While I am now a confessed fan and I have come to adore the color purple, I must still advise against full on overload.  Too much of anything no matter how good can and will become a detriment to you.  Moderation is the key to life and contrary to what I’ve seen lately; there is no exception when it comes to fashion.  Reluctantly I say: I just may be a favorite color type of girl (at least for now J) –

There are a tremendous amount of options for you to try.  Purple can be as dark and deep or as light and sweet as you can handle it.  I encourage you to try it!

TIP: wanna make a bold purple statement without having to buy an entire new wardrobe??!!  Just add it with one of this seasons must have accessories.  Instead of boring black or brown for those riding boots, why not buy them in pretty plumb or deep eggplant... or how about adding some softness to the military look with a luxe oversized suede bag in lavender.