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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stripped Down

  I love fashion!  Anyone who knows me can attest to that.  I like to look good and looking good makes me feel good just as much as the next woman.  Admittedly, I've done some pretty silly things for the sake of having it first or just simply having it.  Yes, there were times that I spent an entire paycheck on one item.  Even times that I spent a months worth of pay on one item actually.

   When I was young, dumb and carefree the only concern and main objective in my life was of!  Taking care of myself meant being independent and supporting my own habits, which I did.  It was common that every day (sometimes even twice a day) tags were popped.  I couldnt wear the same outfit more than once as if I had been photographed on a red carpet somewhere.  In my head, if it wasnt new it didn't have much value anymore.

   Fortunately I've grown and evolved as we all should and my understanding has expanded immensely on a whole scale.  Therefore, many of the things I once loved and/or valued have shifted in their positions.  I've come to gain knowledge of the connections of people, animals and things in a way that makes me almost embarrassed about my past behaviors.  So while I still love fashion and playing dress up, I've learned to put it in its proper place.  My love of shoes does not come before my love of myself or others.  My love of shopping does not supercede my family's need for me to be home with them on some Saturday or Sunday afternoons. And my desire to have it, sometimes has to take a backseat to my desire to give my child a quality education.

   In this age of excess, pretention, so called real housewives and hoarding, it would be wise for all of us to do some re-evaluation of our priorities.  Its great to have nice things and be surrounded by luxury but lets not forget that they are just things.  Nothing can make us any more valuable than we already are. So try to remember that no matter what you put on, at some point it will all have to come off.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


  Firstly, Happy New Year to all!!! ~ I know I'm late but I'm really right on time.  I took a break for the holidays and family but I'm back and ready to feed your blog need!!!

   I've been making lots of time for self reflection, examination and introspection.  Focusing on purposeful evolution while looking back on my progression.  In the midst of it all, of course fashion is always present and makes itself very relevant.  I began skimming through my mental rolodex of wardrobe hits, misses and the inspirations for them.  So what better way to find fashion and style inspiration for the future, than by looking back on what inspired my past! 

Gianni Versace ~ led us into a color revolution and encouraged women to be bold, brave & fearless...

Jackie Onassis  ~ the epitome of effortless style & class!

Christian Siriano ~ Brings a young, fresh, innovative perspective to all his designs & makes basic black ANYTHING BUT!

T.L.C ~ Crazy, Sexy, Cool 

Salt-n-Pepa ~ PUSHED their way into hip-hop history!!


Prep School Fresh ~ Who didnt looooooove Cruel Intentions?!

Clueless ~ I mean like...right!?


Brenda Jenkins on 227 ~ She had the cutest boyfriend and the flyest style! (dont judge me!!)

Sex and The City ~ need I say more?!


Carrie Bradshaw ~ Style icon


Grace Jones ~ Straawn-ge! (Lady ga-ga who??)

Harlem World ~ the renaissance of fashion (even this Queens girl has to pay homage!)

Josephine Baker

A Different World ~ from Fashionista Whitley to Free spirited fed my fashion appetite!

Pink ~ It was once my whole world...Oh to be young and oblivious! lol

Rome  ~ I'm obsessed with the architecture & anything Grecian...only natural for a goddess!


Anything can inspire fashion and your style should be reflective of your personal inspirations.  Never imitate but instead innovate!!  Take what you see and what you love to the next level...the future is here!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


  Denim has come a long way over the course of the past 50 years.  What was once primarily used for workwear, is now a staple of American fashion culture.  Through its evolution we have seen it grow from modesty to luxury while gaining sophistication along the way.  There are literally Jeans for everybody but do you know which fit is best for your body?

  Most women fall into one of four body shapes: banana, apple, pear and hourglass.

A) Banana:  straight, boyish build, no curves.
      1. Best jean fit:
Skinny, tailored, tapered or slight bootcut with a low to medium waist.  It creates the illusion of curves when you dont actually have any.  Low waist accentuates hips as well.

B) Apple:  top heavy, broad shoulders, narrow hips.
      2. Best jean fit:
Boot cut to wide leg with mid to natural waist.  It will balance top by adding width to lower half.

C) Pear:  wider hips, fuller thighs and butt, small bust.
      3. Best Jean fit:
straight leg or slightly bootcut with a mid to natural waist.  Creates symmetry throughout body and minimizes appearance of larger areas (if thats what you wanna do, lol).

D) Hourglass:  near equal hips and bust, narrow waist.
      4. Best jean fit:
most fits will work well on this figure but the waist may present problems.  Since upper and lower halves are proportionate and waist is narrow, tailoring should be done to ensure proper fit at waist.

~ to make booty appear larger: tasteful embellishments like larger pockets, pocket flaps or metal hardware will help.  Just keep it classy and simple.

~ to make booty appear smaller: avoid bright colors and/or overdone designs on back.  Stick with average pocket or inl laid pockets instead.

~ to hide full belly: wear higher waist, natural is best.  Front pockets also help to camflouge.

~ darker denim is always more slimming than a lighter wash as it creates a longer leg.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ughhh, those damn uggs!

  So I know I may make some enemies or atleast get some dirty looks for saying this...but I do not like Uggs.  There is nothing remotely attractive about most of the styles and most people who "love" them, only began wearing them because they saw celebrities in them first.  All the "it" celebrities get free stuff from designers and companies wanting to advertise and sell more products.  They know that once a celebrity is shot or filmed wearing their pieces, all of the wanna be famous robots will follow the leader.  Just because someone famous does something or wears something, doesnt make it fly or hot.  It irritates me that everyone likes, loves and wears the same exact things.  Very few people have any real personal style anymore and its just wack (I could have used a more sophisticated word but this fits, lol)!  There, I said it (sigh), and I feel better.

  Yes I own one pair of Ugg Moccasins that were given as a gift from my husband.  They are extremely warm and comfortable so I get that aspect of it but most didnt know that until after they tried them and why did they try them in the first place...EXACTLY!  I wear mine occasionally because they're comfy and still cute but I would stop instantaneously if there were more than 5 people with them in my presence on a regular basis.  I do not...repeat: do not want to look just like anyone else.  I like standing out and standing on my own.  You should really check yourself if you're not comfortable doing the same.  If most people who claim they love certain brand's were placed in a store alone without any of those familiar brands, they would most likely be lost and leave empty handed  They would have no idea what they like or what they should choose because there'd be no model to follow.

My only pair of Uggs

  Stop trying to be a carbon copy of someone else and just be you. Its ok to do me! Wear what you like because you like it, not because someone else or everyone else is.  I'm not saying that there is no one who actually likes them but I would bet not as many as those who wear them.  Get a life of your own already and stop looking to famous people for leadership.  Lead your own damn ship!



Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion goes frugal!!

Lanvin for H&M

  Some of my favorite designers are grand couturiers whose most beautiful pieces are just not accessible for me and most of us, because of the prices.  I adore Badgley Mischka, Vera Wang, Chanel, Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen and many others.  I've always dreamed of being able to live the high life and wear their pieces on my skin, daily.  I envision myself looking fab and feeling fierce while hopping out of the car with my driver and assistant in tow.  I'm most confident that it will all come to pass and is in the works, just not sure of the details but the universe has that covered!

  Lots of top designers have realized that not all of their admirers shop in Bergdorfs or fly private, so they've began to create more affordable lines.    Second lines are big business with the potential to earn big bucks.  Not only do they open the door for revenue from the average consumer but they can also be a path that introduces new consumers to a designer's couture brand.

  "Bridge" lines (what they're technically called) arent a new idea in fashion at all.  They've been around in stores for a looooong time but in most cases, were nowhere near as desireable as the originals.  Thank god times have changed and great for us, designers have stepped their "bridge"game up big time!!!

Simply Vera; Vera Wang (exclusively at Kohl's)

  Top designer bridge lines:

~ 1. Simply Vera; Vera Wang for Kohls

~ 2. Norma Kamali for Walmart

~ 3. Lanvin for H&M

~ 4. MICHAEL by Micheal Kors (available at Macys)

~ 5. Lela Rose and Christian Siriano for Payless

~ 6. DKNY; Donna Karan

~ 8. I Heart Ronson for JC Penney

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 the new black!!

      Its ultra trendy right now to be animated in both personality and personal style. Color is an amazing gift and those of us able to see it and live in it are extremely fortunate.  Living in color allows you to express your self vividly and precisely. Big, bright, bold colors, patterns and designs have gained popularity over the last few seasons and while I enjoy the variety, availability and it makes me smile; I still know that nothing is more classic, chic or sophisticated than the perfect black outfit.

  Black is powerful and as artist and performer, Janelle Monae would say "its transcendent".  That means that it defies age, gender, economic and social status.  Everyone gets it and no matter what the occasion, it will always be appropriate.  Whether you need a professional look for a job interview, an overtly sexy outfit for a night out or something more casual for a social event, black is always go-to.

  The new black comes in a variety of fabrics that give life to a color some may have thought was dead.  But, in fact you can be just as creative with black as you can with any other color, if not more.  There is a depth and versatility to black unlike any other color on the spectrum and it can speak volumes when worn effectively!

Here are some power packed pieces that I love:

Sequin mini; Express

Mongolian faux fur; Bebe

Painted silk tulip dress; Kardashians for Bebe

Alice & Olivia "Stacey" metallic pant
Ruffle sheer dress; Urban Outfitters

Akiko draped lace inset top
DKNY feather trim dress

Sequin long sleeved dress; French Connection

 Dont you wish you had them all?!?! I DO!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

  Its Thanksgiving day.  The recognized time of the year when we reflect upon those things that we're grateful for.  The gift of life should be first and foremost to all of us here able to see and be part of another beautiful day and all else should follow.  Life can sometimes present challenges but we should even give thanks for those.  Our most important lessons are usually learned in the face of adversity, so appreciate all you have and all you've encountered.  The trials only make us stronger and allow us to better feel the joy of the good things.

  On this day I'm thankful for so much; life, love, health, family, friends, fashion and so much more.  I'm looking forward to eating great food, having great conversations and spending time with those closest to me.  I am also excited about all the fall fashions that will allow me and you too, to look good in comfort while we chow down.  Its been a while in fashion since there have been so many casual chic options and I've gotta say its a nice option to have today!

  From equestrian style leggings (aka riding pants) and luxe designer sweats, to soft sweaters, cute graphic tee's, stretch denim and sexy stretchy mini's.  Theres no excuse why you cant look and FEEL good at the same time!  So relax and enjoy your day in comfort.

  Dont forget to throw in a little holiday sparkle!  Anything sequin or embellished can glamourize most any look, when done right!