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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

  Its Thanksgiving day.  The recognized time of the year when we reflect upon those things that we're grateful for.  The gift of life should be first and foremost to all of us here able to see and be part of another beautiful day and all else should follow.  Life can sometimes present challenges but we should even give thanks for those.  Our most important lessons are usually learned in the face of adversity, so appreciate all you have and all you've encountered.  The trials only make us stronger and allow us to better feel the joy of the good things.

  On this day I'm thankful for so much; life, love, health, family, friends, fashion and so much more.  I'm looking forward to eating great food, having great conversations and spending time with those closest to me.  I am also excited about all the fall fashions that will allow me and you too, to look good in comfort while we chow down.  Its been a while in fashion since there have been so many casual chic options and I've gotta say its a nice option to have today!

  From equestrian style leggings (aka riding pants) and luxe designer sweats, to soft sweaters, cute graphic tee's, stretch denim and sexy stretchy mini's.  Theres no excuse why you cant look and FEEL good at the same time!  So relax and enjoy your day in comfort.

  Dont forget to throw in a little holiday sparkle!  Anything sequin or embellished can glamourize most any look, when done right!


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