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Saturday, November 20, 2010


  Last night, while at the gas station I noticed a really nice car over to my left.  I'm not a car person so I don't know the make, model, etc but it was really beautiful.  As I began to scope it out a little more, I noticed that there were rhinestones on the letters in back...then more rhinestones going around the license plate...and even more on the mirrors, rims, etc.  There were so many add-ons and so much sparkle that I started to get dizzy looking at it.  It was be-dazzle overkill!!!   

  Eventually the driver stepped out and I couldn't wait to see what she was wearing.  Anyone who defaces such  a beautiful car has to be suffering from a lack of or addiction to attention. Why else would you scream for it this loud!?  The first thing I saw were her, let me re-phrase; the first thing I saw were the brand of her boots.  The designer's name was scrolled around the top in such large letters that I couldn't focus or see anything else for about 5 seconds.  Then I saw the hanging metal tassels & what looked like the fur of an animal trying to climb out of the top.  The rest of the ensemble wasn't as horrible but it was trend overload.  It was all just way too much and totally confusing.  I wanted to run over and offer some help or at least give her my card.  She was in dire need of a wardrobe intervention.

  Some times too much really is too much.  Whenever you dress for the day or evening, stop and look at yourself before you leave.  Take inventory of what you've chosen to wear.  You can almost always find at least one thing that you can take off.  Throwing on 10 different accessories just because they're there, isnt necessary.  It doesn't say that you're stylish or fashionable but rather a mess.  I always encourage individuality and expression but you can tell when a woman is trying too hard.

  Also, remember that style is not in a brand!  It doesn't matter who you wear if you wear it well.  When you wear brand names all over your body, it speaks to your level of class and depth of pocket and trust that it doesn't speak highly of either. 

TIP:  if you want to stand out and grab the attention of others, choose one piece and make a statement with it. Draw eyes to you with an ornate necklace or bracelet, color packed handbag, exotic eye wear or embellished footwear.  Its the perfect conversation starter and sure to get you those glares you want. 

Coming soon - - stay tuned for the all about statement pieces post!!


  1. You are too funny(animal trying to climb out)hahahaha! But I def understand. Sometime, when a person does too much to get attention, they only attract or distract a person to actually give negative criticism.. I've always truly believed that less is more, cuz too much of "more" is a HOT!

  2. Girl ur comments are always hilarious...but the point is dont try so hard becuz it shows, lmao!!! Get some self esteem & learn that you're already worthy without the multiple personality outfits!!!