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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

COVER GIRL - Its coat season!!

  There's something rejuvenating about stepping outside on a bright, brisk morning that makes the hustle and bustle a lot more intense.  This week started with a crisp, fresh feeling that only Jack Frost can bring and I'm embracing it. I love living in a four season climate!  With every temperature change comes the opportunity to be made over.  This time of year (between fall and winter) is my favorite.  Its not freezing yet but cold enough to do my Jackie O thing; classic tailored coat or leather jacket, dark shades, loose hair... while still walking slowly enough to be seen, lol. 

(btw,she's my ultimate style icon!!!)

  The key to completing any fall/winter look is the outerwear.  Your coat is an important extension of your outfit.  It not only sets the tone but more importantly introduces you.  Its style should be in line with the rest of the ensemble.  For instance, you wouldnt wear a sexy black cocktail dress with a down ski coat.  They're complete opposites and speak two different languages.  You would appear to have multiple personalities becuase it just doesnt make sense.

   My general advice is to start with the basics and work outward from there.  It pays to have practical pieces that you can always work, rather than statement pieces that arent practical.  You want to have at least 2; one for work and one for play.

 If you work in a professional, corporate, business setting (or just want to look like you do) here are some modern classics that will work well.  Wool is luxe, chic and very warm.

     Once work is out of the way, you can focus on a more personal piece for play.

   Princess style is perfect for the girly, flirty, feminine woman.  These coats are tastefully (in most cases) styled with details and embellishments like lace, ruffles and satin.

Think fashionable Mary Poppins or re-vamped Victorian

  If you want a fierce, structured fit that will reflect your inner strength; military styled coats and jackets are for you.  The fit is tailored and the look is commanding.  The colors are usually dark (navy, green, brown) with metal hardware and buttons.  It creates a very serious but sophisticated appearance.

 The bonus is that you can go any length or fabric with this style so it can be worn for day, night, work or play.

  These are just a few examples of the choices available but there are many more options.

TIP:  Select pieces that fit your lifestyle and speak to your personal tastes.  Remember classics never go out of style so at least one is needed.  If you wanna stay on target with the current trends anything belted, embellished, tailored, camel or luxe (leather, fur, wool) will do.
Stay warm & stay in style.


  1. Jackie O is my girl! She is def the fashionista of then and now! I love her classic style, simple ans timeless.She is my fashion inspiration. I love coat season, boot season, scarf, hat and glove season as well; all a great combo! All the pics of the coats are HOT!!!

  2. Girl who r you telling?! Theres no one with more style than Jackie O!!! No one did it like that before her and no one after has ever held a candle to her. She was the first! The ultimate fashionista!!!