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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 the new black!!

      Its ultra trendy right now to be animated in both personality and personal style. Color is an amazing gift and those of us able to see it and live in it are extremely fortunate.  Living in color allows you to express your self vividly and precisely. Big, bright, bold colors, patterns and designs have gained popularity over the last few seasons and while I enjoy the variety, availability and it makes me smile; I still know that nothing is more classic, chic or sophisticated than the perfect black outfit.

  Black is powerful and as artist and performer, Janelle Monae would say "its transcendent".  That means that it defies age, gender, economic and social status.  Everyone gets it and no matter what the occasion, it will always be appropriate.  Whether you need a professional look for a job interview, an overtly sexy outfit for a night out or something more casual for a social event, black is always go-to.

  The new black comes in a variety of fabrics that give life to a color some may have thought was dead.  But, in fact you can be just as creative with black as you can with any other color, if not more.  There is a depth and versatility to black unlike any other color on the spectrum and it can speak volumes when worn effectively!

Here are some power packed pieces that I love:

Sequin mini; Express

Mongolian faux fur; Bebe

Painted silk tulip dress; Kardashians for Bebe

Alice & Olivia "Stacey" metallic pant
Ruffle sheer dress; Urban Outfitters

Akiko draped lace inset top
DKNY feather trim dress

Sequin long sleeved dress; French Connection

 Dont you wish you had them all?!?! I DO!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

  Its Thanksgiving day.  The recognized time of the year when we reflect upon those things that we're grateful for.  The gift of life should be first and foremost to all of us here able to see and be part of another beautiful day and all else should follow.  Life can sometimes present challenges but we should even give thanks for those.  Our most important lessons are usually learned in the face of adversity, so appreciate all you have and all you've encountered.  The trials only make us stronger and allow us to better feel the joy of the good things.

  On this day I'm thankful for so much; life, love, health, family, friends, fashion and so much more.  I'm looking forward to eating great food, having great conversations and spending time with those closest to me.  I am also excited about all the fall fashions that will allow me and you too, to look good in comfort while we chow down.  Its been a while in fashion since there have been so many casual chic options and I've gotta say its a nice option to have today!

  From equestrian style leggings (aka riding pants) and luxe designer sweats, to soft sweaters, cute graphic tee's, stretch denim and sexy stretchy mini's.  Theres no excuse why you cant look and FEEL good at the same time!  So relax and enjoy your day in comfort.

  Dont forget to throw in a little holiday sparkle!  Anything sequin or embellished can glamourize most any look, when done right!


Saturday, November 20, 2010


  Last night, while at the gas station I noticed a really nice car over to my left.  I'm not a car person so I don't know the make, model, etc but it was really beautiful.  As I began to scope it out a little more, I noticed that there were rhinestones on the letters in back...then more rhinestones going around the license plate...and even more on the mirrors, rims, etc.  There were so many add-ons and so much sparkle that I started to get dizzy looking at it.  It was be-dazzle overkill!!!   

  Eventually the driver stepped out and I couldn't wait to see what she was wearing.  Anyone who defaces such  a beautiful car has to be suffering from a lack of or addiction to attention. Why else would you scream for it this loud!?  The first thing I saw were her, let me re-phrase; the first thing I saw were the brand of her boots.  The designer's name was scrolled around the top in such large letters that I couldn't focus or see anything else for about 5 seconds.  Then I saw the hanging metal tassels & what looked like the fur of an animal trying to climb out of the top.  The rest of the ensemble wasn't as horrible but it was trend overload.  It was all just way too much and totally confusing.  I wanted to run over and offer some help or at least give her my card.  She was in dire need of a wardrobe intervention.

  Some times too much really is too much.  Whenever you dress for the day or evening, stop and look at yourself before you leave.  Take inventory of what you've chosen to wear.  You can almost always find at least one thing that you can take off.  Throwing on 10 different accessories just because they're there, isnt necessary.  It doesn't say that you're stylish or fashionable but rather a mess.  I always encourage individuality and expression but you can tell when a woman is trying too hard.

  Also, remember that style is not in a brand!  It doesn't matter who you wear if you wear it well.  When you wear brand names all over your body, it speaks to your level of class and depth of pocket and trust that it doesn't speak highly of either. 

TIP:  if you want to stand out and grab the attention of others, choose one piece and make a statement with it. Draw eyes to you with an ornate necklace or bracelet, color packed handbag, exotic eye wear or embellished footwear.  Its the perfect conversation starter and sure to get you those glares you want. 

Coming soon - - stay tuned for the all about statement pieces post!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

EXPRESS!!! Your essence...

  I've always been a lover of fashion and an icon in my own right, even if only in my own head.  When I was a child my family pegged me as the weirdo because I didnt follow the "rules".  I wore what I wanted the way I wanted based on my natural creativity and how it made me feel.  I mixed colors, patterns and fabrics with no regard.  Often times, some of my friends and family would ask, "what are you wearing" with puzzled looks on their faces.  I really had no answer for them.  You cant adequately explain an emotion to a person who has never felt it.  So I would look back at them, just as puzzled.  Most times they'd just shake their heads and we'd move on to something else.

  I never wanted to look like everyone else.  I never wanted to be anyone other than myself.  Even when I was told that I should be more like the other girls, which translated to mean dressing more like them.  It was fine for me to just be and so I did.  Of course I went through the phases of life that cause you to question yourself like everyone else.  Fortunately for me, I had the encouragement to face myself head on and found the strength to be courageous enough to continue to do and be what was right for me. 

  When I was in high school, my style was a lot more mature than my pockets and so I found ways to improvise.  Mainly, sneaking in my moms closet and wearing some of her things, lol.  I'd mix and match my own pieces with the things I really loved of hers.  At first she would be suspicious but could never really prove anything so she had no choice but to let it go.  After enough practice I was a pro and she stopped even noticing.  I was wearing designers that my friends had never heard of or even seen in stores: Salvatore Ferragamo, Tahari, Gucci, Adrienne Vittadini, Stuart Weisman, Donna Karan, etc.

  But as much as it felt good to wear the luxurious brands, it wasnt about that. It was more about having an abundance to choose from and being able to create a unique look everyday.  I loved getting ready in the morning and relished in it.  Im sure thats why I missed first period every day for an entire semester, smh!  It was about self expression, being an artist and painting the picture from my perspective.  Its what I loved about fashion then and what still makes me love it and fall in love with it over and over now.

   Fashion is art.  Designers give their point of view in making their clothes, models invoke theirs in wearing, stylists invoke theirs in putting looks together.  When you choose to buy, when you choose to wear pieces, you're doing the same thing.  Five women can wear the same dress five different ways...and that's how it should be.  We shouldn't all walk around in the same exact looks like robots.  Don't be afraid to express your self in style in the way you see and feel fit.  You're clothes should be an extension of who you are, they shouldn't make you someone else.  Be fearless and confident.  Be you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

COVER GIRL - Its coat season!!

  There's something rejuvenating about stepping outside on a bright, brisk morning that makes the hustle and bustle a lot more intense.  This week started with a crisp, fresh feeling that only Jack Frost can bring and I'm embracing it. I love living in a four season climate!  With every temperature change comes the opportunity to be made over.  This time of year (between fall and winter) is my favorite.  Its not freezing yet but cold enough to do my Jackie O thing; classic tailored coat or leather jacket, dark shades, loose hair... while still walking slowly enough to be seen, lol. 

(btw,she's my ultimate style icon!!!)

  The key to completing any fall/winter look is the outerwear.  Your coat is an important extension of your outfit.  It not only sets the tone but more importantly introduces you.  Its style should be in line with the rest of the ensemble.  For instance, you wouldnt wear a sexy black cocktail dress with a down ski coat.  They're complete opposites and speak two different languages.  You would appear to have multiple personalities becuase it just doesnt make sense.

   My general advice is to start with the basics and work outward from there.  It pays to have practical pieces that you can always work, rather than statement pieces that arent practical.  You want to have at least 2; one for work and one for play.

 If you work in a professional, corporate, business setting (or just want to look like you do) here are some modern classics that will work well.  Wool is luxe, chic and very warm.

     Once work is out of the way, you can focus on a more personal piece for play.

   Princess style is perfect for the girly, flirty, feminine woman.  These coats are tastefully (in most cases) styled with details and embellishments like lace, ruffles and satin.

Think fashionable Mary Poppins or re-vamped Victorian

  If you want a fierce, structured fit that will reflect your inner strength; military styled coats and jackets are for you.  The fit is tailored and the look is commanding.  The colors are usually dark (navy, green, brown) with metal hardware and buttons.  It creates a very serious but sophisticated appearance.

 The bonus is that you can go any length or fabric with this style so it can be worn for day, night, work or play.

  These are just a few examples of the choices available but there are many more options.

TIP:  Select pieces that fit your lifestyle and speak to your personal tastes.  Remember classics never go out of style so at least one is needed.  If you wanna stay on target with the current trends anything belted, embellished, tailored, camel or luxe (leather, fur, wool) will do.
Stay warm & stay in style.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Manic Monday

  So here we are at the beginning of another week; its Monday AGAIN!  I used to dread Mondays because I dreaded where I had to go at the start of each work week.  Fortunately, I realized that it wasnt Monday's fault and Friday wasnt any more special.  I could have that same Friday energy on Monday if I just changed my frequency.  Nothing and no one can control how I feel but me.  If I wanted to see Mondays differently then I needed to re-focus and change my perspective.
  I began to prepare for my Mondays more similiarly to how I did on Fridays.  I paid more attention to my prep and concentrated on the simple joy I got from putting my outfits and myself together rather than where I was getting ready to go.  I chose my colors more purposefully and was careful not to invoke any negative feelings bynot  choosing fabrics, patterns, colors, etc that made me feel unhappy.  It may sound silly if you've never given it any thought but everything has an energy charge, either positive or negative.  So pay close attention to how things, people and places affect your mood.  When you notice that something provokes you to feel sadness, anger, hurt, or any other negative emotion, turn away from it or even get rid of it.

  See the beauty in being here and being a part of another week with endless, boundless possibilities and opportunities.  Make every day count by living in and appreciating each single, solitary moment.  Thats really all we have.