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Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Manic Monday

  So here we are at the beginning of another week; its Monday AGAIN!  I used to dread Mondays because I dreaded where I had to go at the start of each work week.  Fortunately, I realized that it wasnt Monday's fault and Friday wasnt any more special.  I could have that same Friday energy on Monday if I just changed my frequency.  Nothing and no one can control how I feel but me.  If I wanted to see Mondays differently then I needed to re-focus and change my perspective.
  I began to prepare for my Mondays more similiarly to how I did on Fridays.  I paid more attention to my prep and concentrated on the simple joy I got from putting my outfits and myself together rather than where I was getting ready to go.  I chose my colors more purposefully and was careful not to invoke any negative feelings bynot  choosing fabrics, patterns, colors, etc that made me feel unhappy.  It may sound silly if you've never given it any thought but everything has an energy charge, either positive or negative.  So pay close attention to how things, people and places affect your mood.  When you notice that something provokes you to feel sadness, anger, hurt, or any other negative emotion, turn away from it or even get rid of it.

  See the beauty in being here and being a part of another week with endless, boundless possibilities and opportunities.  Make every day count by living in and appreciating each single, solitary moment.  Thats really all we have.


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