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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ughhh, those damn uggs!

  So I know I may make some enemies or atleast get some dirty looks for saying this...but I do not like Uggs.  There is nothing remotely attractive about most of the styles and most people who "love" them, only began wearing them because they saw celebrities in them first.  All the "it" celebrities get free stuff from designers and companies wanting to advertise and sell more products.  They know that once a celebrity is shot or filmed wearing their pieces, all of the wanna be famous robots will follow the leader.  Just because someone famous does something or wears something, doesnt make it fly or hot.  It irritates me that everyone likes, loves and wears the same exact things.  Very few people have any real personal style anymore and its just wack (I could have used a more sophisticated word but this fits, lol)!  There, I said it (sigh), and I feel better.

  Yes I own one pair of Ugg Moccasins that were given as a gift from my husband.  They are extremely warm and comfortable so I get that aspect of it but most didnt know that until after they tried them and why did they try them in the first place...EXACTLY!  I wear mine occasionally because they're comfy and still cute but I would stop instantaneously if there were more than 5 people with them in my presence on a regular basis.  I do not...repeat: do not want to look just like anyone else.  I like standing out and standing on my own.  You should really check yourself if you're not comfortable doing the same.  If most people who claim they love certain brand's were placed in a store alone without any of those familiar brands, they would most likely be lost and leave empty handed  They would have no idea what they like or what they should choose because there'd be no model to follow.

My only pair of Uggs

  Stop trying to be a carbon copy of someone else and just be you. Its ok to do me! Wear what you like because you like it, not because someone else or everyone else is.  I'm not saying that there is no one who actually likes them but I would bet not as many as those who wear them.  Get a life of your own already and stop looking to famous people for leadership.  Lead your own damn ship!




  1. I HATE UGGS! I am sooooooo Happy to know that the Fashion Therapist & I see eye2eye on this one! I never owned a pair, never jumped on the bandwagon with this, I like what I like, doesnt matter if everyone else is wearing it!

  2. So glad to hear that from you. Im on my mission to wake others up, lol.
    Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Uhm I love uggs. I have the Dakotas as well and the relays. I love my uggs couldn't dream of being without them. The warmest and most comfortable shoes ever! Uggs will live forever!

  4. You might be stopping soon because I have a pair of the Dakotas so does my daughter and my son. So you have two more to go. I love Uggs! LOL

  5. Keisha you are nuts! Lol. Its ok for you to love your Uggs if indeed thats how you feel but for those who only do what others do first; they need to let it go and figure out what they love!