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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stripped Down

  I love fashion!  Anyone who knows me can attest to that.  I like to look good and looking good makes me feel good just as much as the next woman.  Admittedly, I've done some pretty silly things for the sake of having it first or just simply having it.  Yes, there were times that I spent an entire paycheck on one item.  Even times that I spent a months worth of pay on one item actually.

   When I was young, dumb and carefree the only concern and main objective in my life was of!  Taking care of myself meant being independent and supporting my own habits, which I did.  It was common that every day (sometimes even twice a day) tags were popped.  I couldnt wear the same outfit more than once as if I had been photographed on a red carpet somewhere.  In my head, if it wasnt new it didn't have much value anymore.

   Fortunately I've grown and evolved as we all should and my understanding has expanded immensely on a whole scale.  Therefore, many of the things I once loved and/or valued have shifted in their positions.  I've come to gain knowledge of the connections of people, animals and things in a way that makes me almost embarrassed about my past behaviors.  So while I still love fashion and playing dress up, I've learned to put it in its proper place.  My love of shoes does not come before my love of myself or others.  My love of shopping does not supercede my family's need for me to be home with them on some Saturday or Sunday afternoons. And my desire to have it, sometimes has to take a backseat to my desire to give my child a quality education.

   In this age of excess, pretention, so called real housewives and hoarding, it would be wise for all of us to do some re-evaluation of our priorities.  Its great to have nice things and be surrounded by luxury but lets not forget that they are just things.  Nothing can make us any more valuable than we already are. So try to remember that no matter what you put on, at some point it will all have to come off.


  1. You know GOD says "In this Life *We* Will never feel satisfied." I truly understand that saying! Things we tend to adore more than GOD, priorities and responsiblities is nothing more than distractions. We all like to shop and have nice things in life...Why Not? Whats wrong these days with being frugal? Because looking good should not have to cost us in the long run; Feeling GREAT is FREE! There is a bigger picture, and a name on a tag does not represent the indivdual inside. I often "thought" a person was shallow to feel or view things in that perspective(my opinion). However, What I see is Pressure of ppl wanting to be liked by others, and feel a sense of acceptance! The funny thing is, materalism is just a small portion of the problem!

    BTW! I look @ it like this: Saving money is the key to Finacial longevity! Education, Business owners, Homebuyers, Those things R Investments, Not a Roberto Cavalli! Luv ya Cuz(*_-)

  2. Its a symptom of much deeper issues and honestly speaking, it goes waaaaay back. You know I love fashion, dressing up, expressing myself through clothing, etc and i dont think theres anything wrong with any of that. The problem is that "WE" dont know what real happiness and joy is anymore. So many people are living unhappy and almost miserable existences because we've gotten so caught up in the hype of things and we think its normal because the next person is just as screwed up as we are (if not more)...there just needs to be balance. Thats all I'm saying!

  3. I totally get it! My point is, balance is when a person allows "GOD" to help level out happiness(my Opinion). If a person truly understand that no matter what he/she buys or put on @ any cost, they R still going to thirst for more. So, When a person conditions their mind & will not allow oneself to get caught up in the hype or make the choice to not live of the world; its okay to be in your own little world of happiness & minus screwed up chaotic lost people! The bible says" Its easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven" I dont know ur spiritual beliefs, but all I'm saying is the heavy price tag, is no-way worth compromising my happiness! Values is such a word that has been distorted, Money, Competition, Price, Numbers, Worth, etc..and this is why *SOME* People are lost because they put a Price tag on themselves, instead of moral values. Just to reiterate what you said "Nothing can make us more valuable than we already are." Luv U cuz!

  4. i use to buy really stupid things for really insane prices :(. thank goodness i grew out of it.